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Furtive Interstellar-Visitor Named ‘Oumuamua’ Identified As A Comet

As per the space researchers, the interstellar visitor which is of cigar-shape is a comet and not an asteroid.

Research demonstrates that “Oumuamua”, the space visitor was traveling in the interstellar region for years before it gets a chance to be in our solar system.

When the researchers first saw an unusual cigar-shaped object traveling in the speed which is more than the Sun in last October, they can suggest from its orbit that it does belong to our solar system, but no one knows what the thing was.

But, now they are aware of it. A research published in Nature, a journal, on Wednesday, that the visitor which was named Oumuamua is neither an alien spaceship nor an asteroid, but in fact a small comet.

Astronomer, Marco Micheli, European Space Agency, and the main author of the new research, wrote an email to NBC News MACH mentioned, “It is one of its kinds in all the discoveries till date.”

Comets are dusty, icy objects which are similar to dirty snowballs, and generally, develop a long tail when coming around the Sun. There is no evidence of such long tail during earlier observations of Oumuamua, which made other astronomers think of it as an asteroid.

But with the new study and evaluation using the data which is gathered by Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based telescopes is a complete shock. The course of an interstellar visitor cannot be told just by the gravitational force applied on it by the planets and the Sun.

Micheli, in a statement, said, “We have found an unusual thing that the speed of Oumuamua was not slowing down as it should be if it was influenced by gravitational force. The comet is on its route towards the outer of the solar system, and become too faint, which makes it difficult to observe, and it leads that there will no new information about it, in recent times.”

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