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California Attains 2020 Targets Prior To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

California has exceeded its own targets for dropping greenhouse gas emission levels and has taken an important step in the state’s battle with climate change.

The California Air Resources Board declared on Wednesday that the total amount of CO 2 emissions from the state in 2016 drop to 429 metric tons in 2016, a decrease of 12 million tons compared to a year ago. The decline means that California has complied with the legislator’s goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels and four years before the target year 2020.

Governor Jerry Brown and other government officials said the results confirm that the state’s anti-carbon law and regulation is doing well and has shown that California can handle climate change while flourishing from significant economic growth. They swore to continue to stay in efforts with President Donald Trump’s government to abolish the rigid emission rules imposed by the Obama administration.

“This is great news for Californians’ health, the environment of the state and its economy, even though we have faced the fact that national leaders cannot solve the problem of climate change,” said Mary Nichols, Air Resources Board Chair in a statement.

California, along with a number of other states, also continues to fight the Trump government with regard to greenhouse gas emission limits for cars. The government has said it will reduce the restrictions imposed during the Obama’s era of restraints on car emissions and yet abandon California’s clean air waiver that gives the state the right to impose stricter restrictions than the federal government. And without any waivers, officials say it will be extremely difficult to meet their future targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

In sync with the climate change, according to the latest poll from Michigan University center for Local, State, and Urban Policy, a number of Americans accept that global warming is real and humans are somehow responsible for the cause.

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