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The UK To Legalize Medical Cannabis Use

According to the home secretary, by autumn, the UK’s specialist medical practitioners will be able to prescribe the medicines which are derived from cannabis oil.

Sajid Javid further stated that in the cases of exceptional medical needs; those must be made legalized, which live up to the quality and safety standards. However, he mentioned this case as a devolved matter, which demands legislative change in order to implement in Northern Ireland.

Previously, various cases of accessibility to cannabis oil were denied. Though other forms of cannabis will remain banned, the legislation will be following the high profile cases of the intensely epileptic children.

The change in the prevailing situation arrived when Prof. Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England and the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs raised an alarm in the medical treatment situations. He stated that some of the medical conditions demand the implementation of the aforementioned component in the medicines in order to offer a comprehensive treatment to the patients.

The requirement for cannabis oil heightened, even more, when Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell were denied access to the oil. These boys are suffering from the rare forms of epilepsy and the medical practitioners believe that the implementation of this oil will produce a remarkable difference.

Javid also stated that the decision of denying access to the use of cannabis oil taken by the government was not justified. He believes that the recent change will help the critical cases of epilepsy by limiting the frequency of attacks. However, special measures will be taken to ensure that the oil is not used for any sort of recreational purposes.

The announcement has created a ripple of happiness among the people, especially, for the mother of Billy Caldwell as it was done on his 13th birthday. She is hopeful with the effects of the medicine will improve the severe conditions with the passing time.

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