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You Can Carry A Bag For Free, Say American Airlines

In September, American will put forward some changes in their domestic fares of their economic class. The fares will be based on the luggage which you take with you while travelling. The economic fares available at United, Delta, and American offer lowest prices but they have some significant constraints. The frequent travelers made fun of the airline companies who raised their fares of economic class 2 years ago. It can only be appreciable if a person is travelling in a short plane with a lesser luggage or zero luggage.

The current rule of American airlines allows the passenger to bring only one item while entering the flight. This can be anything like a purse, briefcase which fits below the seat. For any other baggage the passenger has to pay more. The customers having the credit cards of American express or if they are elite members they can carry a single luggage with a personal item with them at free of cost.

But from September 5, the American allowed to carry one luggage bag and a personal item for every passenger on board. Now this policy has brought American close to the Delta’s fare for domestic as well as the international flights. However, a checked luggage bag will incur some fee. On implementing this policy, United is going through a huge pressure due to competition for domestic fares in airline industry. The customers will be provided with more fare options and the boarding process will also get smoother. This will result in more bin space along with lesser queue at the baggage pickup gate. The domestic travelers have to face some drawbacks due to limited bin space as the flights are getting full these days, and the other passengers occupy the bin space before the economy travelers. Alaska airline becomes the 4th airline industry to jump on the same policy.

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