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Madonna Replies To The Critics For Being “Self-Indulgent”

The sad demise of Aretha Franklin has shaken the entire entertainment industry. Common people along with the celebrities are pouring their tribute to pay her the last respect. Madonna was also among her admirers and didn’t refrain from paying her the tribute. However, in response to her gesture, the critics have stated that rather than paying a tribute to the legend, the 60-year-old pop-singer became self-indulgent.

In fact, she delivered a speech that was targeted to speak about the late Queen of Soul. However, she ended up speaking too much about herself and her achievements. She stated that the Queen of Soul doesn’t deserve a tribute through a 2-minute speech amidst the uproar of an award show. She also mentioned that the pure soul deserves more attention than she can ever give her through the speech.

In her speech, Madonna spoke about one of the auditions of her life, where she presented You Make Me Feel Like by Franklin, A Natural Woman. She proceeded with her speech by adding that she also appeared for an audition for French record producers, who ignored her performance. She also expressed her sadness by stating that the big producers never cared for her as they thought how a skinny white girl can sing the songs of a timeless legend? Also, she stated that the producers didn’t call her for weeks yet promised to take her to Paris to make her a star.

After stating her story, she mentioned that the reason for telling her struggle during the speech was to depict the role played by the Lady of Soul. She proudly stated that she was her mentor and is the prime reason for her stardom and success. She ended her speech by expressing her gratitude to the Queen and respect to all her activities.

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