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Company Recalls 235,000 Hair Dryers Back; Move Taken After Customers Reported Overheating

We all know the amount of heat that is thrown out from the hair dryers for the purpose of achieving the desired in less amount of time. While most of the times, it still feels normal, this time when the customers who were using Allure and Allure Pro, with the power rating of 2200W, which are distributed by Xtava LLC, faced some serious issues one of which is the extreme heating of the device and not like the usual. The company, after receiving the complaints, has decided to recall all the products in the market which accounts to more than 235,000 in number.

These dryers were being sold online by multiple retailers that include Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, among others. While nearly 20 people reported some serious burning injuries including caused by shock as well as overheating, the company has received 193 complaints in total. The complaints are majorly about the overheating of the product while the other reasons are melting power cords, explosions and even fire.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 18 people were burned from the devices out of which, one was severely burned while the others faced relatively smaller injuries. Two people have also reported the incidences of electrical shocks being caused. Owing to all these complaints, the company was left with no other choice than to recall the product.

These dryers are manufactured in China and were sold on the online sites for a period of four years, from 2014.  All of these products have Xtava printed on them near the blower end. The safety commission has advised the people to not use the devices any further. They have also mentioned that the consumers should contact the company in order to claim the replacement of the same by contacting either online or by reaching out to them on call.

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