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British Performer Lindsay Kemp Dies At 80

Kate Bush paid tribute to legendary dancer, choreographer and mime artist after his demise at the age of 80. She said that he inspired her and was truly one of the greatest artists of his time. His collaboration with David Bowie and invention of Ziggy Stardust were milestones on his road of achievements. Kemp breathed his last on Friday evening in Italy where he resided.

Bush stated that Kemp’s bravery and humor inspired her. She considers herself lucky to have been able to spend time, work and study with him. She added that she’ll miss him very much.

Kemp’s collaborator and closest friend for 45 years David Haughton said that his death was like he’d lost a part of himself. BBC News was told by him that Kemp had been keeping busy in Livorno, Italy until his death. Haughton told how Kemp reportedly felt ill suddenly and died only a minute and a half after that. His death was sudden but also the best way to go as he’d no illnesses and was among friends doing what he loved when he died.

Lindsay was known for contribution to theatre, mime, dance and cabaret. In addition to that, he appeared in films like The Wicked Man (1973) and Velvet Goldmine (1998) in cameo roles. Kemp and Haughton first met in 1973. He said that Kemp was loved by one and all his death has had an impact on so many lives.

Lindsay Kemp was born in1938 near Liverpool and grew up in South Shields. He said that he’d realized his passion for dance at a very young age- it’s like he was “born dancing”. He hitchhiked to London for auditions shortly after he witnessed the performance of Ballet Rambert when he’s 17. In spite of winning a scholarship, Kemp had to complete his military service in the Air Force.

 In 1966, when Bowie was 19, Kemp met him after performing at Covent Garden. Bowie studied under him and became his lover. He performed in Pierrot on Turquoise and gained inspiration for Ziggy Stardust.

Kemp said that Bush was shy but dynamic. Kemp earned fame as a dancer with Cruel Garden, made in 4 weeks, where he collaborated with Christopher Bruce. Celebrities like Julian Clary, Barnaby Edwards, director Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky and Nicholas Pegg paid tribute to him via Twitter.

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