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Volkswagen Accused Of Ruining Crops By Their Hail Cannons

VW has been recently accused of destroying the nearby crops planted next to the factory located in Mexico with their latest technology that can change the weather. The German carmaker was been accused by the local groups which caused dry spell caused due to firing of sonic bombs using hail cannons. This was done in order to prevent their cars from hail which caused severe damages. The cars parked in the factory outskirts got dents due to the hailstones. Due to the complaints, the company has assured to reduce the excessive use of cannons at their Puebla factory.

Although, no evidence has proved that use of cannons has resulted in reduced rainfall, the company altered its operation that will maintain a good relationship with their neighbors; a spokesperson of VW told CNN. Now, Volkswagen recently has stopped usage of such devices for their automated mode and will continue to operate them by manual mode, when the conditions of imminent hail storm will occur, she said. Volkswagen said that it will install nets which will protect their cars by covering over 150 acres land. The cannons will only be used whenever needed.

Puebla factory manufactures various Volkswagen models like Beetle, Jetta, Golf and Tiguan and has about fifteen thousand employees working over there. About 100,000 cars are manufactured at this plant every year. The local activists near the factory complained about the damage caused due to use of cannons. A group stated in their Facebook post saying that they feel happy to raise their voices against use of cannons by Volkswagen Mexico. The hail cannon producer, Mike Eggers said that this technology is blamed incorrectly for reducing rainfall. He added by saying that the technology can be related to hail, not by rainfall which are two different things. These devices have been in use from many decades, which most often protect crops.

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