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WhatsApp To Educate Indian Users On Threats Of Bogus News

WhatsApp, after being solicited by the central government to take measures to prevent the dispersion of misleading data on its platform, entered the New Delhi-located non-profit DEF (Digital Empowerment Foundation) to generate responsiveness among its users regarding the necessity to authenticate information.

In a statement, Public Policy Manager at WhatsApp, Ben Supple, said, “Our aim is to assist in keeping people protected by generating better wakefulness regarding the bogus news and allowing the users to assist in curtailing its spread.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union IT Minister, in a meeting with Chris Daniels, CEO of WhatsApp, on August 21, directed the instant messaging platform to conform to the regulation of the land and take “appropriate” measures to put off its exploitation.

The meeting occurred after numerous lynching events were associated with the dispersion of misinformation on the Facebook-owned platform—that has a monthly active user base of 200 Million in India. DEF, as a segment of the new collaboration with WhatsApp, has vowed to hold 40 training conferences for community leaders in ten states throughout the nation where there have been bothersome incidents of violence as well as where there will be state ballots prior to the year-end.

DEF stated it would assist in educating the administration representatives, government officials, students, and civil society organizations to disperse the word regarding this challenge. The coaching is anticipated to allow WhatsApp users to distinguish between facts & opinions and to instill a practice of authenticating information through easy checks prior to forwarding it to their family and friends.

Additionally, DEF stated it would include this new coaching as a piece of their network of more than 30,000 grassroots community affiliates in 7 states. Apart from this, WhatsApp has already taken numerous technological steps to control the issue of disinformation, comprising the launch of the “forwarded” tag and restricting forwarding to 5 conversations at once.

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