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Eulogy To Aretha ‘Distasteful’ Says Her Family

The tribute given to Aretha Franklin at her last rites ceremony was found to be derogatory and unpleasant by her close relations. As described by Aretha’s nephew, the Rev. gave a speech of about an hour and he did not accolade the singer nicely even once in the whole speech. Vaughn said that Aretha did not select this particular priest for presiding the occasion. Rev. Jasper Williams was chosen by Aretha’s family members as he had previously graced some other similar affairs like the burial of the singer’s father C L Franklin who was a minister and civil rights, advocator. Speaking on behalf of everyone, Vaughn said that they all are of the opinion that the priest used this platform to vent out his negative feelings and they are all saddened by the whole thing.

The priest’s raging orthodox address was criticized by some at the church. Some people were caught speaking softly to say something about the departed singer but there were some followers who applauded the priest by cheering for him. His statements about single parenting were found to be rude by many in the parish. He was speaking about Aretha who was a single mother to her four children. His comment about the futility of black people and lives until there is a way to install mutation among the community infuriated many presents inside the church.

Rev. Williams is standing by what he said at the funeral ceremony. He says that he understands the family’s sentiments but he is helpless and he cannot do anything to make them feel better. He further added that some parts of his address might not have been understood clearly and hence the disappointment. He said that the present scenario for the black community in America is not satisfactory and the community itself needs to work collectively towards bringing a positive change.

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