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The Hurricanes Are Getting More And More Intense Because Of Climate Change

As the world is getting warmer and warmer, the hurricanes seem to be getting quite nastier, comparatively. The scientists are saying that these new hurricanes are getting relatively wetter and these also possess much more energy and they have the ability to intensify rapidly. The storm surges of these hurricanes are said to be much more destructive as the climate change has made the seas rise by a significant margin already. Lately, these storms seem to be stalling more often than usual and they are also dumping more and more rain.

Many studies done in the recent past have shown that the climate change makes the hurricanes much worse. But even then, determining the role of the global warming in specific storms such as the Florence, which has been causing a lot of damage, is not that easy, especially without the statistical details and the computer analysis. Therefore, a lot of researchers have actually stayed quite cautious before attributing this global warming to a single event of this sort, but on the other hand, there are those scientists who are quite firm on the effect of the climate change on the hurricanes, particularly in the case of the Florence hurricane.

Although these scientists who believe in the effect of the global warming on the hurricanes do not directly say that it is the main cause of the formation of the hurricanes, they believe that the climate change plays in the role of the intensification of the already formed hurricanes and it also makes them much more dangerous. The scientists have believed the same in the past as well, as some results, after the hurricane, Harvey pointed in the same direction. But a lot of research still remains to be done, before making a stronger claim about the link between the two.

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