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Microsoft Leading Ahead Of Everyone In The Cloud Technology

Microsoft is expanding and transforming its sales and engineering department through intelligent cloud-based technology. This transformation by Microsoft has encouraged other businesses or projects to invest in their intelligent technology. Judson Althoff (vice president of Microsoft’s worldwide commercial business) concluded that there will be a boom in the size of IT market up to $4–5 Trillion over the next decade due to transformation in the digital business models, Artificial Intelligence, and through intelligent cloud-based technology.

Althoff while explaining the investors about his analytical studies said that there are three critical factors that would drive Microsoft to dominate Google and Amazon in digital marketing expansion.

  • Their Business Model including investment hike by compensation in the sales department, AI-based internal sales team, and, creating new revenue streams to facilitate customers.
  • The Trust Factor, which includes customer’s data privacy and security.
  • The Hybrid-Technology strategy of Microsoft allows customers to easily switch between on-premises and cloud technology.

At Citi Global Technology Conference, Althoff stated that Microsoft will not just focus on to grab more of their $2–5 Trillion spending, but also increasing IT opportunities to double over the next decade for them. The doubling of opportunities would be the result of companies shifting completely towards digital businesses, which requires IT sector for managing other departments essential for growth and providing better services for customers.

Microsoft not just provide servers and PC’s for business management to store the data, but it offers far beyond that. At present, the intelligent cloud technology has been used in present and emerging business such as sensor-based technology in large stores; Artificial Intelligence helps to maintain supply-chain management in many stores.

Currently, 85% of customers are managing their businesses or projects using a few of the multiple cloud services provided by Microsoft. They posted second-quarter commercial-cloud revenue of $6.9 Billion.

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