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Qualcomm Blames Apple For Stealing The Chip Secrets And Giving Them To Intel

The company Qualcomm has just accused the tech giant Apple as it is saying that the company has actually stolen the modern chip designs from it, and then they were given by the company to Intel, so that Apple would be able to use the chips made by Intel at much lower prices, as compared to those that are charged by Qualcomm. This is quite a huge accusation that is being out of the company. The company Qualcomm wrote in one of the statements that Apple has been engaging in such practices since quite a few years, and this time the company has done so to divert the business of Qualcomm of the company Intel.

The tech giant Apple started moving to Qualcomm from Intel, in the year 2011, when it came to using the modern chips in the products of the company such as the iPhone. But in a few years, the company changed course and started going back to Intel chips that were used in some of the iPhone models by the company, and this transition happened a couple of years ago, in 2018. The reason behind this particular transition, according to Qualcomm, is that the company was able to get the chips at relatively lower prices.

The new modes launched by Apple, including the iPhone XS and XS Max, use the modern chips provided by Intel. When it comes to answering the allegations made by Qualcomm, one spokesperson said that the company has been doing so since quite a few years, but it has no evidence. When asked about this recent allegation, the spokesperson said that even in this particular case, the allegation is being made without any solid proof, and therefore the company has nothing to worry about. The company will have to come up with something solid if it wants to win the case here, otherwise, it is going to be a dead end for sure.

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