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SoftBank Plans To Provide Free Energy To These Nations

The SoftBank Group Corp has planned to provide free electricity, after 25 Years, to ISA (International Solar Alliance) member-nations. These countries sign PPA (power purchase agreements), claimed Masayoshi Son, Chief Executive of SoftBank, in New Delhi this week at a renewable energy conference.

“I will offer free energy from solar power initiatives after 25 Years of PPA to all ISA member-nations. We are spending in innovation and tech so that we can use solar energy competently,” Son claimed to the media in an interview. Efficiency of solar modules lowers eventually, which in turn lowers margins for manufactures. Son pegs the solar power plants’ lifespan at almost 80 Years.

Solar power financiers and producers all over the world are gambling on falling prices of energy storage and solar panels’ rising efficiency. “It is not a fairy tale. We now have the resource to make this come true,” he said. On the other hand, solar tariffs have been dropping in huge markets and an impetus on defending domestic manufacturing units by applying import taxes threaten to elevate prices and reduce margins for domestic makers.

Speaking of SoftBank, the Japanese technology conglomerate is spending in a mobile device service for hotel guests. This service is dubbed as Handy Japan. This service offers Internet access and data on tourist attractions.

Terms of the agreement are not revealed yet. Handy, designed by Hong Kong-located Tink Labs, is accessible in 4,000 hotels in 650,000 rooms all over 82 nations. It was launched out in Japan in July 2017 and has been accepted by 240,000 rooms and 1,700 hotels, almost 33% of the country’s hotels, both sides claimed.

Handy operates as a handset rental, which is a complimentary service from the hotel. The gadget can link to the Internet, contact a hotel’s janitor, and make international & local calls.

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