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Scientists Find A Sleep Switch That Can Unveil The Reason Curling Under The Blanket

The soup of cells present in the human body has tasks already allocated to them so as to perform the particular functions with utmost precision. However, as per Dr. Clifford Saper from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the environmental conditions have a huge impact on the cells. According to the research, there is a cluster of cells located in the specific region of the brain that deals with sleep and are specifically activated only during the sleeping hours.

The sleep switch present in the brain is activated during the night time that is immediately when the eyes are shut or during the warm temperatures. The damages to these cells can be linked to the surfacing of insomnia. The cells send chemical signals to the brain indicating it’s time to take rest. Even the external temperature plays a vital role in triggering the chemical message firing in the brain. Hence, Dr. Clifford was able to find that the reason for an individual to curl up under the blanket was the signaling of these chemical messages.

The brain region known as hypothalamus has a set of cells called the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus present so as to help shut down ‘awake’ signals in the body. The activation of the cells more than expected results in its damage and may lead to insomnia. On the other hand, continuous activation may even lead to prolonged sleeping. In the human body clock, the sleep and awake timings are all already set but there are certain cases like insomnia struck individuals wherein the sleep routine is disrupted. Also, the change in body temperature along with the atmospheric temperature needles the body to hibernate under the blanket.

Thus, for finding a solution for the sleep obstructed people the researchers are continuously trying to leave no stone unturned. According to Kimberly Fenn of the MSU Sleep and Learning Lab, sleep deprivation is the basic reason for the cause of human errors. Hence, it is very important for people to take nap interventions so as to curb the negative impacts of sleep deprivation.

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